Masdar City
Our polluted ecosystem can no longer cope with all its natural mechanisms, and this is the fault of human actions.

An example of the correct use of human forces, knowledge, and deeds. An example to follow all the cities of the planet and the very first eco-friendly city in the world to operate with zero carbon emissions, exclusively on alternative power sources. And while some cities are destroying the natural exoskeleton of the planet with their usual actions for mankind, Masdar City plans to become the main protagonist in the battle for an environmentally bright future.
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Masdar City
Masdar City
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Masdar City: about district of Abu Dhabi

The alternative energy sources, privileges and even minuses of a utopian clean city, which, perhaps, will remain only a green project of the future. Why is this possible? You will find it out now. Masdar City is the world's first zero-carbon green metropolis plan being developed in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The metropolis, which will work almost entirely on solar energy and other repeatable energy sources, will be the very first case of an eco-city in the world. All other projects will be completed by the 2025 year.

With the growing demand for innovative technologies, convenience and wealth, ecosystem pollution has become an inappropriate guest in the world to come, along with technological progress that is growing in nothing.

In the modern world, it is impossible to imagine a space free of pollution. The megalopolis Masdar has the determination and courage to suspend this unwanted guest.

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Masdar City is an Abu Dhabi zero-carbon plan. It is founded by Masdar, which is considered a subordinate of the Mubadala Development Company. The metropolis is conceived by the English construction company Foster and Partners. The plan started in 2006, intending to end the first period by 2009, but was canceled until 2015 because of massive financial decline. At this point, the process of perfect construction has been going on for more than 12 years. The budget which was allocated for the construction of the world's first eco-friendly metropolis draws $20 million. It is designed to accommodate 50,000 people and 1,500 business centers in 6 square kilometers of land, which is located near the Moscow region of Abu Dhabi. Architects designed the metropolis, not forgetting the comfort and ease for pedestrians and cyclists. The navigation system of a metropolis, in non-professional circles, can be understood as the flow of passengers that progresses in a metropolis and develops according to End Point and City ID.

The creators of Masdar followed an unusual and amazing engineering method, preserving long-term freshness for the metropolis, not paying attention to placing the plan in a deserted hot territory. They built the highest 46-meter wind tower, which draws in fresh air from above and releases it into the streets of the metropolis. Thus, maintaining the temperature within 15-20 C, including in the hot weather conditions of the Abu Dhabi deserts. The metropolis was designed and built to rise somewhat above the territory, to keep the temperature lower than it is outside. Besides this, the dwellings are built quite close to each other, which can help to reduce the amount of sunlight coming from the street.

However, twelve years later, only the first phase was built, and this is less than 5% of the initial 6 square km of a greenish oasis in the desert. The construction completion date was again rescheduled to 2030. The core of the metropolis Masdar is located in space, in the center of a large square structure, which is considered the headquarters of Siemens in the Middle East. A 46-meter Teflon-coated wind tower can help refresh cold breezes along a shady street, equipped with a grocery store, a bank, a post office, a dining room, and several coffee shops.

The innovative independent transport system, which at first had to stretch to 100 stations, was liquidated subsequently by the first 2 stops. The main communication link in the city will be the public transport system (PRT), as there was no place for private cars for residents in the initial project. However, due to the high costs of deploying underground routes, in a revised plan, there is still a need for personal vehicles.

Masdar city is completely dependent on solar and other renewable energy sources for its energy needs. For this purpose, he has a 21-hectare field, which has 87,777 solar panels installed in addition to the solar panels on the roofs that are installed throughout the city. Another incredible thing in the city is the lack of electric switches and water taps. For this, motion sensors will be present to perform these functions instead of city residents and, thus, saving about 50% of energy and resources, as planned by urban planners.

Despite the fact that now Masdar has slightly lost his initial thirst for the creation of something completely new, pure and beautiful, this is still a great step of mankind in order to help cleanse the planet from pollution and other harmful chemicals that we created to satisfy our an endless thirst for luxury and comfort. The eco-city entered the second phase of construction last year and does not plan to retreat from the target.





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Located on a landscaped central boulevard in the heart of Masdar City, the development is within close proximity to the IRENA Headquarters and the Masdar Institute. The residences also allow for direct access to the 'green belt', an expansive landscaped park area which offers various recreational and cultural facilities.
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Ideally situated, this development takes pride of place on the 'green belt', a luscious landscaped area carving through the center of the residential district of Masdar City. Situated between this green oasis and the shopping mall, the location allows for convenient access to all the recreational and leisure facilities that Masdar City has to offer.


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The different selection options of apartments allow residents the possibility of choosing according to their own needs and preferences. Oasis Two offers contemporary studios that are fully equipped with elegantly designed interiors to suit the personal proclivity of all our clients. Directly facing the park, the penthouses vary in number of rooms.


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Reportage Properties is proud to introduce Masdar The Gate Residence, a mid-rise residential apartment building with facilities in Masdar City in Abu Dhabi.
The building features a unique design that creates a contemporary look that is unsurpassed in Abu Dhabi. Masdar The Gate Residence features 463 apartments.

Benefits of the economic free zone

Masdar City is an economic free zone, which is why it can provide all partners with competitive pricing, an integrated support system and a synergistic effect arising from the city's unique innovative ecosystem.

In addition, the status of an economic free zone provides the following benefits:

Opportunity 100% foreign ownership
Tax exemption
0% import tariffs
Quick and easy registration
Freedom to repatriate capital and profits
A launch point into local, regional and international markets
Critical mass of knowledge and talent
Cost effective licensing and office space

Research and Innovation

One of the central figures in the innovation space of Masdar City is the Mohamed bin Zayed University for Artificial Intelligence. According to the plan, the university's program will start in the fall of 2020. This institution is considered the world's first research-driven graduate university with a focus on artificial intelligence.

In Masdar City, a large number of innovative research and development activities are carried out, which aim to both acquire new knowledge and implement and develop a number of innovative projects in the field of solar energy, environmental construction and sustainable urban development.

Good location

Masdar City is the center of intersection of emerging markets of the Middle East and Asia. It is very well located in terms of logistics.

It is located in a large developing area of Abu Dhabi, and it is a zone of attraction for international business. In this regard, the proximity of the airport is also very important. In addition, from Masdar City there is direct and convenient access to any area of Abu Dhabi, the UAE and outside the country. In the future, transport accessibility will continue to develop; it is planned that new public transport and metro networks will appear.
Masdar City
The city is a low-carbon development comprised of a rapidly growing clean-tech cluster, business free zone and residential neighborhood, as well as shops, restaurants and public green spaces.

The city contains one of the largest clusters of low-carbon buildings in the world. Buildings are designed to high sustainability standards and certified by the Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities' (DPM) Estidama, or LEED green building rating systems. Community amenities are certified under DPM's Estidama Pearl Community Rating System.
Masdar City location

From ideas to reality

Masdar, as a home-based company, supplies significantly more clean energy than what is consumed in the city. Criticism of technological excess and isolationism in Masdar City focuses on the fact that no one in the world understands how to build a tenacious completely independent another metropolis. Masdar is considered part of the evolutionary process, and the plan of the spotless greenish metropolis is not considered an absolute collapse.

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The leading communication connection in the city will be the system of social rapid transport (PRT) because in the initial plan there was no space for their cars for the inhabitants. However, due to the high costs of deploying underground highways, the need for their vehicles was nevertheless noticed in the revised project. Masdar city is entirely dependent on solar and other repeatable energy sources for its own energy needs. For this purpose, he has a field of 21 hectares, which number is 87,777 solar panels, supplied in addition to the solar panels on the roofs, which are delivered throughout the town. Another unimaginable thing in a metropolis is the inaccessibility of electric switches and water taps. For this, displacement detectors will begin to exist to perform these functions in return for the inhabitants of the metropolis and, thus, saving up to 50% of energy and resources, as expected by urban planners.

Prices start from AED 500,000 for one-room apartments; AED 1.097 for two-room apartments; AED 1.87 for three-room apartments. Here you can find such recreational facilities:
  • Gymnasium
  • Swimming Pool
  • Bicycle Track
  • Running Track
  • Children's Playground
  • BBQ area
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New opportunities for investors and business

Masdar City offers great opportunities for both investors and businessmen in search of space for new offices and outlets.

Developers can either purchase land or lease it to develop their own projects within the framework of the general concept of this innovative sustainable community. As an investment, you can purchase a variety of residential and commercial real estate: townhouses, apartments, villas, schools, universities, office buildings, retail outlets, hotel business facilities, research facilities and much more.

Developers can choose from an exciting portfolio of plots that include residential, commercial, institutional, light industrial and hotel opportunities. Many large companies have already chosen Masdar City as their headquarters.

In addition, investors have the opportunity to create their own buildings and office spaces as part of a common concept. Masdar City also invites large organizations to collaborate in the development of various real estate properties - retail and entertainment facilities, educational and health facilities, commercial and corporate, as well as residential facilities. Qualified Masdar City specialists are ready to develop a project for any necessary parameters.

For business development, Masdar City offers office spaces of any format that will meet the unique needs of each particular organization. The office can be fully equipped and furnished to your needs, which will save you time for more important business activities.

Start-ups and SMEs will find office spaces and services designed to accelerate their growth in the existing Incubator Building, the new Accelerator Building or upcoming office spaces – all engineered to meet the highest standards of design and sustainability.

Retailers have the opportunity to lease space for food and beverage and service outlets throughout Masdar City.

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