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Real Estate in Al Fahid Island

Al Fahid, also known as Jazeerat Fahid, is an island located in the northern part of the emirate of Abu Dhabi, between Yas Island and Jubali Island. Al Falah Road goes through the territory of Al Fahid and connects the island with other areas of the emirate.


About the Area

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Al Fahid Island

Al Fahid, also known as Jazeerat Fahid, is an island located in the northern part of the emirate of Abu Dhabi, between Yas Island and Jubali Island. Al Falah Road goes through the territory of Al Fahid and connects the island with other areas of the emirate.

Al Fahid Island is considered to become another popular tourist destination like Yas Island in the near future, as there will be premium residential communities, commercial and leisure amenities, and a well-developed infrastructure, necessary for comfortable living.

Al Fahid Property Development is the leading developer of the entire community and the project will consist of five phases. The residential complex Al Marsa Villas, which has an area of 226 million sq.ft is going to be the first launch within the area. The development of this community will consist of two stages, in which 301 villas will be built during the first stage, and 652 villas and 15 townhouses are going to be completed during the second. All units within the first stage of the development of the island are planned to be commissioned in Q3 2023. The second phase features the Al Marsa Residence project that will consist of 9 residential towers with 652 units including 1-4 bedroom apartments.
Apart from residential real estate units, a public beach, promenade with retail shops and restaurants, a marina for 85 boats, and a wide range of entertainment and leisure activities will be located on the island as well.

The majority of the island is still under development, and for now there are no public transport routes here. The easiest way to get to Al Fahid is to take a taxi or get there in your own car, however, it’s planned that several bus routes will be launched in the future.
The villas of Al Fahid, across a diverse mix of Beach, Waterways and Park Villas, each offering their own design styles, are the true expression of what the community stands for.

Economic Attractiveness

Al Fahid is a new coastal area in Abu Dhabi in which the developer considers that this island will advance the resort infrastructure of the emirate and will become another popular tourist attraction.

Al Fahid is located a 15-minute drive from popular tourist and resort destinations such as Yas Island, known for its wide range of outdoor activities, and Saadiyat Island. Abu Dhabi International Airport is also just 15 minutes’ away. For now, the majority of entertainment and infrastructure facilities can be found in the surrounding areas. However, after the completion of the first phase of the development in 2023, residents of Al Fahid will have access to an array of state-of-the-art amenities right on the island including schools, hospitals, restaurants, shops and entertainment activities. These plans make Al Fahid real estate a comfortable place for permanent residence and prospective investment.

Apartments in the developed resort area are ideal for short-term rental. Spacious villas and townhouses in closed developed premium communities might attract both families with children and business professionals. It’s expected that the rental yield of these units after their completion will be up to 4.5-7% per year.


Residents of Al Fahid Island will have a wide range of entertainment amenities to choose from that cater to every taste. Within a 5-minute drive residents and visitors of the area can get to Yas Bay Waterfront, where 37 restaurants and bars including the Japanese restaurant Daikan Ramen, and Mexican restaurant La Carnita are located. The biggest shopping center in Abu Dhabi named Yas Mall can be reached in a 10-minute drive from the Al Fahid community. The area of the mall is 2.5 million sq.ft and houses more than 370 retail shops, 68 F&B outlets, a family-entertainment venue, a 24 screen VOX Cinemas and underground parking for 10,000 cars can be found here. Yas Mall offers popular lifestyle brands as well as premium brands and also has entertainment activities such as:

  • Adventure HQ – an activity area with rope bridges, a climbing wall, bungee and a system of artificial caves.
  • Dream Aero – an authentic Boeing 737 NG simulator.
  • Fun Works – a playground with educational workshops, slot machines and a ball pool.
  • Softair BattleZone – a shooting range for team fights with AirSoft weapons.

Yas Mall has a direct connection with Ferrari World theme park, which allows visitors to visit the two attractions at the same time.
Ferrari World is a 2.1million sq.ft theme park dedicated to cars of the same brand. Here guests can visit the exhibition center named Galleria Ferrari with unique Ferrari models, 20 attractions, the Junior Grand Prix racing school, restaurants and retail spaces with branded products, a 4D cinema and several children’s playgrounds. Among the most popular park attractions are:

  • Formula Rossa – the fastest roller coaster in the world where visitors can experience the ride at 240 km/h.
  • Flying Aces – a roller coaster with the highest loop in the world at 63 m.
  • Turbo Track – a mix of a roller coaster and free-fall rides by the Swiss company Intamin.
  • Scuderia Challenge – a Formula 1 racing simulator.

Another popular tourist attraction close to Al Fahid is the Mangrove National Park, located a 20-minute drive from the island. This reserve was created on an area of 205,000 sq.ft full of mangrove trees. About 75% of the Emirati total mangrove forests can be found here. Apart from the unique flora, 60 bird species, turtles, marine mammals, several crab species, shellfish and fish can be found here. Mangrove National Park is protected by the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi.

As the developer considers, Al Fahid should become a well-developed resort island with a wide range of marine activities. For now, the coastline of the island hasn’t been landscaped yet. Only a public beach, located right near the Iron Bridge, is open to visitors. Those who value resorts might be interested in visiting the well-maintained beaches such as Yas Beach, Saadiyat Beach and Al Bahia Open Beach, which can all be reached in a 10-15 minute drive of Al Fahid.