Abu Dhabi, Yas Island, UAE,
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Yas Acres
Yas Acres Villas
Yas Acres is a golf and waterfront community of modern townhouses and villas, open spaces and world-class amenities to help you live your best life.
License number: 202202112086
Project number: 2016/172918

Yas Acres by Aldar

About Yas Acres

Located on the iconic man-made Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, Yas Acres is a premium residential development by one of the leading luxury real estate companies in the UAE, Aldar Properties.The Yas Acres community covers over 22 million sq. ft. and features 1,315 residential units, a golf club with a 9-hole golf course as well as a country club house with a gym and game rooms. The entire territory of Yas Acres is divided into 2 sub-communities – Royal Oak and The Cedars. One completed, the residential project will be able to accommodate up to 15,000 residents.

Yas Acres is conceived as a completely self-sufficient gated development featuring its own shops, restaurants, kindergarten and school, parkland, swimming pool, basketball court and tennis court. More than €13M has been invested in the construction of the project.
Grade A
April, 2020
Living Area
For All Nationalities
217 m2 to 663 m2
The Prices
From €484,000
to €2,150,000

Features of Yas Acres


The concept of Yas Acres comprises villas with 4-6 bedrooms and townhouses with 2-4 bedrooms available, 1422 units in total.
Residents of the new community will enjoy the whole scope of "living on an island" privileged amenities, as:
Yas Marina
with a Yacht Club
Club House
with a Golf Club
UAE's 1st
Sea Pool
Yas Marina with a Yacht Club
Club House with a Golf Club
UAE's 1st Sea Pool
Barbeque Stations

Property Prices at Yas Acres

At Yas Acres you can buy real estate of two types:
  • 2-6BR villas of 2,163-7,136 sq. ft. The prices range from €530,000 to €2,050,000. Residents of villas will have full access to a range of modern amenities including running tracks, barbecue areas and playgrounds for children. Each unit has a balcony and a central AC system.

  • 2-4BR townhouses with a living area of 2,335-3,810 sq ft. The price of the property varies from €484,000 to €875,000
Starting Price €484,000
Price Per Sqft from €235
Area from3312.16 Sqft.
LocationYas Island

Floor Plans

TYPE 2E 2BR Townhouse
Total Gross Sellable Area: 221 m2
TYPE 2M 2BR Townhouse
Total Gross Sellable Area: 217 m2
TYPE A 3BR Townhouse
Total Gross Sellable Area: 312 m2
TYPE A 3BR Townhouse
Total Gross Sellable Area: 333 m2
TYPE B 3BR Townhouse
Total Gross Sellable Area: 315 m2
TYPE A 4BR Townhouse
Total Gross Sellable Area: 347 m2
TYPE B 4BR Townhouse
Total Gross Sellable Area: 354 m2
Per sq. ft:
2 bedroom
2,330.29 sq.ft
Per sq. ft:
3 bedroom
3,392.84 sq.ft
Per sq. ft:
4 bedroom
3,735.44 sq.ft
Per sq. ft:
5 bedroom
6,131.47 sq.ft
Per sq. ft:
6 bedroom
7,132.16 sq.ft

Two Communities
of Yas Acres

The territory of Yas Acres is divided into two communities: Royal Oak and The Cedars.
The Cedars is a unique community that combines the benefits of living in nature and closeness to urban amenities.
3-4 Bedrooms
Royal Oak is an exclusive community located in the center of Yas Acres, between the golf course and the park.
4-5 Bedrooms

Location of Yas Acres

Yas Island Location
Yas Acres is located on the north coast of Yas Island which is connected to the rest of the emirate via 2 bridges via Al Falah Road and Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed St. The residential development lies in the vicinity of the major highways of Abu Dhabi and Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed St, ensuring an easy commute to/from key locations of the capital. The community is adjacent to several residential complexes including Yas North and Aldar Labour Village.

Car owners will benefit from the well-developed infrastructure within the community. There are covered parking spaces for all villas and townhouses, and free public parking is provided as well.

There are multiple educational institutions such as international schools and kindergartens within a maximum of 20 minutes' drive. These include SABIS International School, Yas School and Aldar's West Yas Academy, Kids Academy Nursery and Sweet Baby Nursery.

For healthcare services, residents of Yas Acres can attend Burjeel Medical Center and Mediclinic Khalifa City. The nearest grocery stores, are AlSabbari Baqala, Yas Grocery, Baqala Zamzam and Waitrose.

The huge shopping center of Yas Mall is accessible within 10 minutes' from the community. It offers an entertainment center, 370 popular branded stores, cafes, international restaurants and a food court with 24 eateries, as well as a supermarket and public parking.
About Aldar Properties

About the Developer

Aldar Properties is one of the most famous and successful developers not only in the UAE, but also in the Middle East region as a whole.

Aldar has been successfully developing its activities for 15 years, and during this time it created many projects that are famous all over the world, which create today's image of the UAE - Yas Island's F1 circuit, the Gate Towers in Shams Abu Dhabi, HQ building and many others.

Today, Aldar is a profitable company that provides recurring revenues and benefits from a diverse and supportive shareholder base. The company's activities are governed by strict corporate standards and are committed to operating a long term and sustainable business in order to provide ongoing value for its shareholders.

Payment Plan

Upon Signing
90% Completion
30 March 2020
Upon Signing
on SPA

Economic Appeal of Yas Acres

The Yas Acres community is very convenient for families with children as it is surrounded by shops, schools and kindergartens and ensures quick access to some of the key transport links of the emirate. Due to the close proximity of Yas Acres to the major tourist attractions of Abu Dhabi, this residential project is suitable for long-term investment.

Yas Acres is located on the stunning Yas Island, which is a major tourist attraction. In addition to sandy beaches, restaurants and shopping centers, it features many sought-after destinations including Yas Acres Golf Club, Ferrari World, Yas Waterworld, Yas Marina and Yas Acres Golf Club. The number of residential units on the island is limited. It is worth noting that property at Yas Acres is suitable both for long-term and short-term rentals.

In most cases, the return on investment for apartments is higher compared to villas and townhouses. However, when it comes to Yas Acres, the gap is not that significant. The average ROI of villas varies from 3.4%-6.7%, depending on the size. Meanwhile, the average return on investment for a 1BR apartment on Yas Island is a solid 7.2%.

The table below provides detailed information on annual rental prices and ROI for villas in Yas Acres.


Yas Acres Aldar is located in the northern part of Yas Island.
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