UAE banks promote the Golden Visa program and introduce a light mortgage policy

UAE banks are introducing competitive mortgage rates and offer assistance in applying for resident visas. Mortgage policy innovations boost purchasing ability of foreign investors
Aug 10, 2023

A new stage in the development of the UAE real estate market is driven by the introduction of simplified conditions for mortgage acquisition. Banks stimulate foreign investments by offering favourable rates on fixed-term loans and promoting the Golden Visa program.

According to experts in mortgage financing, almost all banks within the UAE offer credits at rates below 5%, which is 2% less than in the UK and India. Since buyers of medium and budget segment real estate are frequently looking for financial support, mortgages are still the most preferable option. Applying to a bank guarantees a reliable and transparent procedure, as payments are made directly to the seller.

Highly competitive mortgage rates allow investors to increase their purchasing capacity, which stimulates the real estate market in Abu Dhabi and other emirates. On top of that, UAE banks attract investors by introducing a policy of a minimal package of documents to be submitted for a mortgage.

Another important incentive aimed to promote foreign investments is the banks' support of the Golden Visa program. From now on, non-residents applying for a residential mortgage not only benefit from simplified credit conditions, but can also count on the bank's assistance in obtaining residency.