The Cedars by Aldar at Yas Acres

Wake up to the vibrant nature of The Cedars at Yas Acres in Yas Island. Choose from 2, 3 bedroom townhouses and 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 bedroom villas.
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Yas Acres
Driving through Yas Island and reaching Yas Acres Aldar, you know you are home.

Boasting some of the region's most attractive landscapes and amenities, Yas Acres Abu Dhabi puts the community at its heart and soul, providing you with fertile ground to lay down roots and build memories.

Yas Acres at embraces a love of leisure and provides you with a world of possibilities to explore and experience at your pace. Whether it is on the golf course, at the mall, by the pool or simply at home with family, The Cedars Aldar at Yas Acres offers you the space to nurture the lifestyle of your choice and cherish the moments that matter the most to you.
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Swimming pools
Yas Island
Yas Island is a centrepiece of ALDAR's destination development strategy, and is a major landmark for the new Abu Dhabi. It is home to exceptional hospitality, entertainment, shopping and tourism venues, all connected to the mainland through a comprehensively linked road network.
Floor plans
Our objects
AED 2,500,000
Price per sq. ft: AED 1,073
2 bedroom
2,330.29 sq.ft
AED 2,900,000
Price per sq. ft: AED 855
3 bedroom
3,392.84 sq.ft
AED 3,500,000
Price per sq. ft: AED 937
4 bedroom
3,735.44 sq.ft
AED 7,609,680
Price per sq. ft: AED 1,241
5 bedroom
6,131.47 sq.ft
AED 8,900,000
Price per sq. ft: AED 1,248
6 bedroom
7,132.16 sq.ft
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Handover 2020
What is the location of the property?
Yas Acres Aldar is located in the northern part of Yas Island.
What unit type layouts are available?
We have three bedroom Yas Acres townhouses, four, five, and six bedroom Yas Acres villas available for purchase.
Can any nationality buy?
UAE and GCC Nationals are able to purchase a freehold interest, all other nationalities are able to purchase a 99 year leasehold interest (renewable).
What is the handover date?
The hand over date is to be confirmed, but it is expected to be early 2020.
Does Yas Acres Abu Dhabi have access to the hotels on Yas Island?
Yas Acres, being on Yas Island is located in close proximity to the hotels based on the island. That being said, ownership of a unit within Yas Acres Aldar does not provide any special privileges at the hotels.
Does owning a property in Yas Acres include access to the Yas Links Golf Club?
Being located on Yas Island, Yas Acres Aldar is close to the Yas Links Golf Club, membership for which is available through the golf club operator. Yas Acres Abu Dhabi will have its own full-length nine-hole golf course.
Does Yas Acres have beach access?
Yas Acres Aldar does not have public beach access, but being on Yas Island is in close proximity to Yas Beach, membership for which is available through the beach club operator.
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