Nasayem Villas

Nasayem Villas is a range of expandable residences in the Wahat Al Zaweya community, offering 3 & 4 bedroom arrangements payable over 6 years at 0% interest.
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Nasayem Villas
Nasayem Villas is a range of residences located in the opulent community of Wahat Al Zaweya in Dubai-Al Ain Road. The stunning villas are designed to be customized and expanded in the future, in case the owner would wish to. Nasayem Villas ensure that the homes suit every residents' needs and taste, aside from meeting their basic needs of comfort and stability and to achieve privacy of family members.

Nasayem Villas are built for UAE nationals and are offered in 3 and 4-bedroom arrangements with two floors. The eco-friendly location of these homes allow residents to embrace and also protect the environment with smart energy sources being used in the area. The Wahat Al Zaweya neighborhood is also minutes away from schools, healthcare facilities, theme parks, retail malls and a desert-based resort.
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