IMKAN'S residential, retail, hospitality and commercial projects all have something in common. They aspire to stimulate immediate surroundings and enrich the lives of the people that interact with them.

By collaborating, engaging, and enriching; their purpose is to feed the soul, foster innovation, and cultivate an organic sense of community within each and every one of their projects.
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Imkan Properties in Abu Dhabi

IMKAN is an Abu Dhabi - based real estate developer with an extensive portfolio: the company has more than 26 projects in 6 countries, on 3 continents.

It is a company with 105 years of experience in the construction and development of territories, an extensive knowledge base and professional specialists, which allows the company to create unique projects, understand the needs of customers and translate ideas into reality.

The main distinguishing feature of the company is the creation of personalized, mindfull, innovative and eco-friendly projects, behind which there is an extensive research base. The company's mission is to constantly develop and reach new heights in the field of construction, green buildings, and sustainable development.

Considering one of its key tasks to preserve the environment, the company signed a tripartite agreement on the development of so-called "The Guardians' Initiative" with the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment and Alliances for Global Sustainability, in order to protect and promote the development of Abu Dhabi's diverse heritage, nature, wildlife and marine environments.

The company provides customers with a professional approach to solving each of the emerging problems. Their quality system is following international ISO9001:2008 requirements. Comprehensive quality systems provide objective and thoroughly documented evidence of a project's conformance to all regulatory and contractual obligations.

IMKAN is part of Abu Dhabi Capital Group. Chief Executive Officer Walid El Hindi, who has more than 20 years of experience in construction development, leads it.

Other companies in Abu Dhabi, who build luxury properties, - Aldar Properties and Reportage Properties.





From AED 1.4M
A fully integrated community, AlJurf by Imkan is nestled between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, offers exclusive residential villas and land plots in AlJurf Gardens. As it combines a natural reserve with community living located in a lush green environment spread over 300 hectares.


Handover Date: July 2019
Nestled in a unique location accented by a contemporary Arabian culture and flare, Nudra is a fully integrated residential community situated on the coast of Saadiyat's cultural district. Existing within a masterplanned community means that amenities are always within reach, whilst leisure opportunities allow for encompassing experiences.


From AED 619K
The first mixed-use project in 'Makers District' is Pixel. Pixel's seven towers, incorporating residential apartments, co-working office space, F&B and retail, will form a key part of an exciting new neighborhood and a unique urban living destination built in the UAE capital. 'Pixel' will offer 520 residential units within 7 mixed-use residential towers.

IMKAN Capital Group Development - Properties and Communities

IMKAN has many successful construction projects both in the UAE and in other countries. Among the company's most successful projects are Al Jurf, a community of villas among wildlife reserves for lovers of a calm and measured life alone with nature. This is a stunningly beautiful retreat located on the Sahel Al Emarat Coast. Ideally integrated into the unique nature of this zone, it complements the environment without destroying the ecosystem. The project consists of 203 villas located on more than 300 hectares of a unique green area with unspoiled wildlife. The design of the villas is inspired by the spirit of the East and the traditions of Arabian architecture, which are combined here with modern solutions.

Pixel, a residential complex on Reem Island, characterized by creativity and an innovative approach, also stands out. It is suitable for everyone who wants to stay in the center of urban life, living at the same time in a separate and unique community. This complex in located in the Makers District, it organically combines spaces for various purposes. Cozy residential apartments are located around the square, complemented by coworkings, event spaces, homegrown restaurants and shops and many other facilities that makes life in this community perfect.

The company also builds non-residential buildings. One of the most interesting projects in this direction can be called The Artery - a multipurpose complex with parking and event space. At 26,000 square meters, modern parking is ideally combined with a unique space for artists, craftsmen and entrepreneurs, where they can both create their own products and demonstrate them through various events.

All IMKAN's projects are unique, they have their own style and character y definitely are designed with care for people.

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