Plots & Buildings on Al Reem Island

If you consider Abu Dhabi in terms of passive income – congratulations! You are on the right track. No income taxation, no stamp duty, considerable charges for property registration and high return on investment (7-8% on average across Abu Dhabi) coupled with high liquidity of real estate assets promise a good opportunity.
What are the best areas to invest in real estate property in Abu Dhabi? We would like to advise to have a closer look at Al Reem Island. Dynamically growing and already livable, it has become extremely popular among locals and tourists in no time. According to the latest Abu Dhabi property market analysis, Al Reem Island is in top-5 of the best places in Abu Dhabi to buy and rent property.

Land plots and whole buildings for sale are the best choices for investors to benefit from easy entering a multi-purposed development in Al Reem Island pinpointed for major growth. Adding to very competitive terms suchlike investments offers an array of advantages:
  • low competition in this market field and low prices as a result;
  • a time-tested way to build wealth;
  • strong potential for equity growth;
  • long-term appreciation.

Commercial property on Al Reem Island


• Land use: Mixed-use
Land area: 3967 Sqm
Total GFA: 22,430 Sqm
Price/Sqm/GFA: AED 2,000
Residential: 21,757
Retail: 673

Land plot in Shams, Abu Dhabi

Land plots in Al Reem by Aldar Properties are developed for residential and commercial use. Any changes are subject to be approved by Urban Planning Council.


Lot with ID number S3-C35 covers 3.967 m2 of land area and ground floor area 22.430 m2.

Residential units share is 21.757 m2; retail premises – 673 m2.

Lot S3-C35 is offered for, that corresponds to AED 2000 per m2.


Located in the middle of Shams the parcel of land shares already delivered community infrastructure as sewerage, district cooling, gas, water, telecommunication, seawalls, marina, storm water.

Shams was the first residential development in Al Reem Island. Designed as a high-density development Shams repeats Singapore and Hong Kong models. It is planned to provide housing for 53,000 individuals on GFA of 5,000,000 sq. m. The total land area reaches 170 ha.

Alongside with regular residential apartment buildings with amenities it is a home to an ambitious project like The Gate Towers, an astonishing architectural ensemble of three towers grouped by the Stonehenge principle: The Arc and three high-rise towers connected via sky bridge.

Benefits of Buying land lot in Shams

When buying a land in Shams you may achieve quite many purposes:
  1. Secure the investment and leave it as it is or resell to the developer when the right time comes;
  2. Build block of apartments and manage its further operation;
  3. Construct a building and then sell it;
It is a significant income opportunity with seller financing. For instance, you can add seller financing when selling your vacant land for a more income opportunity. Seller financing will help you attract more buyers that will pay your interest rate charge, even if your rates are higher than the market.

Al Reem

The Bridges in Al Reem Island Abu Dhabi by Aldar, a real masterpiece. Answer the call of the sea and the city, from the new heart of the capital. Reem Island offers a fulfilling cosmopolitan lifestyle, with a bounty of dining outlets, cafés, malls, beaches, schools, and more. The natural island is also surrounded by the cultural and financial centres of Saadiyat and Al Maryah Islands while being minutes away from downtown Abu Dhabi.

Most popular landmarks of Abu Dhabi are located in the distance:
Louvre Abu Dhabi - 12 km
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque - 20 km
Khalidiyah Mall - 10 km
Qasr Al Hosn Exhibition - 10 km
The Bridges location

Apartment Buildings at "The Bridges", Al Reem Island

"The Bridges" by Aldar is a symmetrical and gracefully proportioned building complex of 6 apartment blocks divided by water canal into two parts. Beautiful landscape all around featuring dazzling sea, city skyline and a well-manicured park will put anyone in a good mood in every morning. Thanks to luxury amenities, including pool, common courtyard, outdoor fitness area and others, "The Bridges" is perfect for family living as well as for young professionals or couples.

Prices & Layouts

Each of six 26-storied towers features combination of 212 units:
  • 8 studios (from 38 m2), what makes 4% of total GFA;
  • 90 1-bedroom apartments (from 64 m2), representing 42% of GFA;
  • 72 2-bedroom units (from 96 m2) – 34% of GFA;
  • 42 3-bedroom units (137 m2) – 20% of GFA.
Total sellable area amounts to 18,734 m2 and priced at AED 222M (USD 60.4M).

Benefits of Apartment Complex Ownership

Multifamily investing has an incredible wealth of benefits, beginning from cash flow to the ability to finance properties with a limited amount of money down. Besides, it is an ideal sphere for partner investments: together with one or several more partners you may purchase better asset and capitalize more.

How to derive income from apartment building?

When acquiring entire building you may rent it out as the whole to one company. Evidently, it involves less stress because you deal with one person/entity. It is also possible to turn the building into rental house, hotel or mixed-use complex comprising residential units, serviced apartments and retail and manage all these individually. Do not forget about supplementary income, as vending machines, automatic laundry, parking lots for non-residents and so on. The amount of income can hardly be compared to that derived out of rental payments, but still it will make difference.

Owning apartment complex is not everyone's cup of tea, but for those who are ready to bear a decent level of risks, love to work with numbers and use an analytical approach.

Key facts about Al Reem Island

  • The development was undertaken by three main operators: Sorough Real Estate now merged with Aldar Properties, Reem Investments and Tamough;
  • Investment costs exceeding USD 30 bn;
  • It takes 20 min to get to the city center;
  • Trending towards greatness;
  • Already home to Al Reem Park, Repton school, Sorbonne university, Shams beach, Shams marina.

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